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ICE adventure HD 26 RS Steps EP8 with Enviolo

  • very comfortable English trike
  • super comfort chair
  • slightly higher seat for a good view, by using a seatriser, which can also be removed.
  • Shimano Steps EP8 motor with 630 W/h battery. This is an extra strong motor that will also help you up the steep slopes.
  • But that requires extra energy, so a big battery  is included.
  • Shifting is done with an automatic transmission. The Enviolo continuously ensures that your pedaling pace remains the same regardless of your speed.
  • also suitable for tall adults
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 205 cm
  • foldable, can be carried in the car
  • beautiful steel frame
  • complete with Rack, fenders and 80 lux light
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel

HP Scorpion Plus 20 Neodrive Z20

  • stable, comfortable trike for touring
  • now equipped with an extra high seat and long steering wheel and getting up aids, easy entry
  • can be converted to a low seat and shorter handlebars and without getting up aids
  • high seating position makes getting on and off easy and gives a good overview in traffic
  • chair breathes, keeps your back cool
  • can be folded very quickly without tools, can be carried in the back of the car
  • great braking power, disc brake on both front wheels
  • front wheels can be disassembled with Allen key
  • Neodrives Z20 rear wheel motor 250W and 612 Wh
  • Very complete with, among other things, 80 lux light on the battery.
  • this support pushes your limits more than 120 kilometers (with 60% extra power, up to 300% extra power possible) Reverse gear is also available!
  • Sram GX 30 gears
  • max 150 kg load
  • suitable for riders of 149 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 20" rear wheel
  • front and rear suspension
  • picture is not updated, will be delivered with the premium seat

Hase Lepus Steps Topseller

  • comfortable, stable bike for those who want to stay mobile
  • very easy boarding possible due to extra small front wheel and height-
  • adjustable seat
  • good traffic overview
  • Shimano STEPS 6100 with 504 W / h battery
  • Very complete with, among other things, 80 lux light on the battery and short cranks.
  • Electro support pushes your boundaries more than 100 kilometers.
  • with automatic shifting with 8v Alfine Di2 gear hub.
  • luggage space enough for large shopping bags
  • comfortable large chair
  • adjustable seat angle and handlebar
  • can be converted to a different seat height
  • good overview in traffic due to high seating position
  • can be folded very quickly without tools, can be carried in the back of the car
  • with short cranks, so that knees and hips have to bend less.
  • suitable for riders of 130 - 200 cm
  • 16 "front, 20" rear wheels

HP Scorpion FS 26 Silver

  • (Truus likes to stay here and the Streamer is not included.)
  • fast trike
  • very comfortable with front and rear suspension
  • little air resistance due to low seat
  • stable in slippery conditions, snow is fun.
  • sporty driving with 2 front wheels
  • very quickly foldable without tools
  • can be taken in the back of the car
  • front wheels can be removed with Allen key
  • complete with mudguards and luggage rack
  • suitable for riders of approx. 162 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel

HP Scorpion FX 20

  • ideal bike for commuting, tours and holidays
  • compact stable trike, good balance
  • sporty driving, sharp steering with 2 front wheels
  • double braking power, 2 front disc brakes
  • can be folded very quickly, within 10 seconds (by handy people with a firm back!); then you can roll it along on built-in inline wheels
  • front wheels can be disassembled with Allen key
  • fits easily in the back of a car
  • can be stored folded in small space
  • suitable for riders of 157 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 20" rear

ICE sprint X tour 26 RS

  • zeer snelle trike voor lange afstanden
  • lage zit, kartgevoel
  • opvouwbaar, past achterin kleine auto
  • Met shimano XT combipedalen een zijde voor gewone schoenen , een zijde om vast te klikken
  • geschikt voor 145 - 200 cm
  • 20" voor, 26" achterwiel
  • superdeluxe stoel
  • met spatborden en bagagedrager.
Ook mogelijk: ca. € 198,- per maand, Full Private Bovag Lease incl. onderhoud en verzekering , looptijd 3 jaar

Hase Trets

  • very high stability
  • ideal for children with spasticity and muscle control problems
  • possibility of independent cycling but you can also take over control if necessary using a push rod.
  • can also be used as a trailer bike (the pullbar is clicked behind the seat on the photo.)
  • Many accessories and aids such as crank shorteners, special pedals, stick holders, etc. are available
  • 100 kilos loadable solo and 80 kilos when used as a trailer
  • 12 "front, 20" rear wheel
  • suitable for children of 100 - 160 cm height
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HP Streetmachine GTE

  • excellent suspension world bike
  • suitable for long trips
  • at home on unpaved roads
  • comfortable BodyLink seat
  • suitable for people from around 1.65 to 2 meters
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel

HP Speedmachine

  • Fast commuter bike
  • Good aerodynamic position
  • handlebar is smal and in front of you
  • suitable for riders of 162 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel
  • Equipped with:
  • body link seat
  • Light on batterie
  • fenders
  • Luggage rack
  • Stand

HP Grasshopper fx

  • one of the few folding recumbent bicycles with two wheels
  • foldable in 60 seconds by the pros
  • goes easily in car and train
  • winner of Eurobike Award 2007
  • suitable for riders of 158 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 20" rear wheel

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Hase Trigo Steps Motor, Used

  • Easy length and height adjustment
  • very practical tour trike
  • easy boarding due to high chair
  • electric auxiliary engine Shimano Steps, with 504W/h accu
  • width 83 cm
  • strong 20 inch wheels at the front and rear
  • for riders 140-200 cm long, but is long at the moment.
  • with fenders, lights and lock
  • The first owner switched to a Hase Lepus for the the suspension.
  • Km stand approx. 3600 km. It's from 2020

Hase Trix

  • very high stability
  • especially for children
  • possibility of independent cycling
  • fits up to adulthood
  • It's cool and flashy
  • Shimano Nexus Inter-8 gears
  • max 120 kg load
  • suitable for 125 - 190 cm tall riders
  • 16 "front, 20" rear wheels
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