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ICE adventure HD 26 RS Steps EP8 with Enviolo

  • very comfortable English trike
  • super comfort chair
  • slightly higher seat for a good view, by using a seatriser, which can also be removed.
  • Shimano Steps EP8 motor with 630 W/h battery. This is an extra strong motor that will also help you up the steep slopes.
  • But that requires extra energy, so a big battery  is included.
  • Shifting is done with an automatic transmission. The Enviolo continuously ensures that your pedaling pace remains the same regardless of your speed.
  • also suitable for tall adults
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 205 cm
  • foldable, can be carried in the car
  • beautiful steel frame
  • complete with Rack, fenders and 80 lux light
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel


  • A real racing bike
  • Hard and very low to the ground.
  • This bike would like to take off without you
  • 20 inch front wheels
  • 28 inch rear wheel
  • for riders from approx. 145 to 195 cm


ICE Full Fat

Cool trike with large wheels. 26 inch with very wide tires. Sand or snow? Bring it on!

ICE sprint X tour 26 RS

  • zeer snelle trike voor lange afstanden
  • lage zit, kartgevoel
  • opvouwbaar, past achterin kleine auto
  • Met shimano XT combipedalen een zijde voor gewone schoenen , een zijde om vast te klikken
  • geschikt voor 145 - 200 cm
  • 20" voor, 26" achterwiel
  • superdeluxe stoel
  • met spatborden en bagagedrager.
Ook mogelijk: ca. € 198,- per maand, Full Private Bovag Lease incl. onderhoud en verzekering , looptijd 3 jaar

ICE adventure and adventure HD

  • very comfortable trike
  • high chair for a good view,
  • With HD extra high seat possible with booster seat
  • As Adventure HD , max load 150 kilos
  • As Adventure max load 125 kilos
  • also suitable for tall adults
  • foldable, can be carried in the car
  • beautiful steel frame
  • in a beautiful blue color


ICE sprint X, sprint X tour

  • very fast long distance trike
  • low seat, kart feeling
  • foldable, fits in the back of small car
  • large or small rear wheel as required