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Welcome to ACE Recumbents

ACE recumbents is a recumbent specialty store located in Winterswijk. We specialize in the sale, rental and maintenance of recumbent bikes.

Recumbent cycling is fantastic and our passion. Today we have a shop full of mainly trikes, which are recumbents with 3 wheels. Almost everyone can ride it. They look sporty and are very comfortable. And the driving characteristics are incomparably better than that of a “Dutch bicycle with 3 wheels”

Recumbents come in many different shapes and sizes for different types of users. To orientate, you can already find a lot of useful information on our site about the different types and options. We have also completely renewed our famous recumbent selector to make choosing even easier. For the best advise: visit our store, we are happy to inform you personally and you can try out different recumbent bikes yourself. In addition, there are numerous configuration options for every bicycle, which we are happy to discuss with you. In our workshop your bike is treated with tender loving care and when you make an appointment, it can often be taken home the same day.

Preferably make an appointment for advice, test drives and maintenance.

Why would you want a recumbent bike?

From commuting to holiday and from sports to rehabilitation. There are many different reasons why people choose a recumbent bicycle. As a result, there are many different models of recumbents that are optimized for the user purpose. If you are considering purchasing a recumbent bike, your starting point is to determine what you want to mainly use the bicycle for. Read more about the different types of recumbents below and what you should pay attention to.

Find the bike that suits you!

The Selector

Here is the help you have been looking for, when choosing your recumbent bike. The place to browse through the possibilities ACE offers you. Get in touch as soon as you know what you want or need some help deciding.