Why recumbents?

The recumbent as a holiday bike


Especially on long journeys the recumbent is fantastic. Because the recumbent is so comfortable, cycling remains fun even after many hours.

A lot of travel luggage fits on the recumbent. In special banana bags or in standard bicycle bags. There is often room for a complete camping equipment . A trailer is also an option for almost all recumbent bikes.

When traveling through remote areas with a lot of bad road surface, it is useful to choose a bicycle with 26 inch wheels. Those large wheels roll better there and that tire size is available almost everywhere. But be aware, you will than need fairly long legs to fit the bike. If a 20 inch tire breaks, a tire intended for a children’s bicycle can be a temporary solution, but they are not so good and do not last that long.

Two-wheelers with sufficient luggage space, intended for long journeys, are for example: Hp Streetmachine, Azub Max.




Trike as a holiday bike

Also consider a trike for your holidays. It is surprisingly relaxed. And it is stable, which is safe, therefore you can ride very slowly while enjoying the view. When riding uphill there is no need to get off, downshift and just keep going and you will get there.

Many trikes can be folded to make them easier to carry.

The holiday bikes in the trikes category are: HP Scorpion FX, ICE Adventure. Hase Kettwiesel

Travel pictures

We would like to receive a photo of you and your bicycle while traveling, especially if we may post it on our Facebook page.

Here’s Esther’s:

Every year I go on a cycling holiday with my mother. I’ve tried it on an upright trekking bike for a few years, but my wrists and buttocks are very happy that I chose to go on my recumbent bike nowadays.


An extreme form of travel.
On a trike to the South Pole! Something for tough men? Possibly, but this is the story of a very tough woman.