ACE recumbents is a trusted address for all your recumbent questions. Since 1995 at Weurden in Winterswijk.

Address and contact

Weurden 60
7101 NL Winterswijk

Tel: 0543 530905

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Opening hours

11:00 – 17:00
13:30 – 17:00
09:00 – 20:00
09:00 – 17:00

Opening hours can deviate due to Corona measures. Please call us before you plan to come (0031-543-530905) or click on the button “Corona news” on top of your screen.

We are happy to take the time for you and appreciate it if you make an appointment in advance.

Then it is sometimes also possible to:

  • To rent; outside the mentioned times and days (including Sunday).
  • Waiting for (minor) maintenance on your recumbent bike.
  • Additional staff can be arranged for a detailed explanation of your future recumbent bike.

Call for an appointment: 0543 530905

What do we do?


Recumbent bicycles and tricycles

  • You don’t just buy a recumbent bike. Count on an extensive consultation, so make sure you have the time.
  • We ask what you want to be able to do with the recumbent bike. We provide advice on which type of recumbent bike best suits your needs. You can already read in on the recumbent selector of this site. That saves some time in the store.
  • A test drive is part of it. see: trying out a recumbent bike
  • The stock bicycles are for sale and (usually) for rent, but many other models can be ordered from us. You can find them in the recumbent selector.
  • Do you want to buy a recumbent bike elsewhere and want a second opinion? Or you have seen a bicycle on the internet and want to know if it is the right one for you? We would like to speak to you, but not in detail. Our free recumbent ombudsman is our website. If you have any more questions, please visit There you will find an answer bank and user experiences for many models.
  • Are you coming to collect your bicycle? We tailor it and provide you with the necessary information about use and maintenance. (You can read in advance here).
  • Payment preferably with card payment. If necessary, increase your limit in advance. We also accept a credit card. And you can also transfer money in advance.


  • We do not have all parts in stock, but can usually order them for you. Bring your bike (unless you know exactly what you want) because there are so many parts that don’t fit or work together. With your bike we can determine exactly what you need.
  • Or mail us your wish list, with a good photo, so that we can see exactly what you need. You will receive a quote. If you are OK, send us your address and we will send it to you by post. Regular customers can also arrange new parts through us from a holiday address.


Professional. We have many years of experience. Our workshop meets the Bovag standards. It is often possible to bring the recumbent and take it with you the same day. A maintenance course is also possible, just call for consultation and an appointment.

A first service after purchasing your new bicycle at ACE is free.

Normally, if you wish, you can watch and help in the workshop. That can be very educational. Unfortunately, that is not possible during this corona time.

Delivery service

Your bike can be picked up for maintenance. (We don’t have a portable workshop, so home maintenance is not possible.)

And we can come by if you would like to buy a bike, but would like to take it for a test ride first.

We do charge travel costs, 1.20 euro per kilometer driven. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Rental and test rides.

We hope you bring good weather and an ID. More info click here

Mark loves coffee and is happy to share it with you.


Right next to the shop if you have difficulty walking, otherwise on the opposite site of the street,

or on the parking lot in the next side street right, after the shop.

Winterswijk train station a 10-minute walk away.

How To Choose My Recumbent