Frequently Asked Questions

2 or 3 wheels?

A 2-wheel bike is narrow, easy to park, faster through corners. Basically faster than a bicycle with 3 wheels. You have one track which makes it easier to avoid holes in the road surface.

A trike (3-wheel bike) is stable, easy to ride, even for people with disabilities. But also playful because you do not hang in the corners, just like in a kart you are pushed aside in your seat, in fast corners. Gives a very fast feeling when cornering. On long journeys you will notice the advantage of more relaxed driving.

Sitting high or low?

2 wheels:

High; more overview, but longer legs needed to reach the ground and the pedals.

Low, often faster, more compact bicycle.

3 wheels:

Sitting high, getting in and out easier, more overview in traffic.

Sitting low; faster, even through corners, playful

Large or small wheels?

2 wheels

Front wheel
A larger front wheel rolls better on poor road surfaces, and are more available abroad. A small front wheel is stronger and people with shorter legs can reach the pedals.

Rear wheel
A large rear wheel, rolls better in terms of gears, more standard transmission. Reasonable distance from the derailleur to the street.

A small rear wheel is stronger and more compact for transportation.

3 wheels

Front wheels are almost always small (20 inches) except for Fat trikes. But can be replaced by larger ones (at ICE without warranty loss!). Hase only has one front wheel and it can be even smaller, 16 inches on the Lepus, making it easier to lift your leg over the tube.

Small rear wheel; rolls well on good road surfaces, is stronger, the bike is more compact, with a smaller turning circle. May have a lower center of gravity which is better for stability. More luggage can be carried on a trike.

A large rear wheel, rolls better. And in terms of gears, more standard transmission therefore requires comparable gears. The derailleur remains at a reasonable distance from the street.

Hub gears or a derailler?

Derailler; produces the least loss of power transmission to the wheel. Many gear steps possible. Lightweight.

Hub; shifting possible when stationary, compact, less chain wear because no cogchanging  is required. Chain can also be better weather protected, making it less dirty. Easy to switch gears

Which seat?

Net seats; airy, fits most people.

Hard shell; firm, more contact with the bike, which is useful for fast turns and putting a lot of force. And people with back problems often appreciate the extra support.

Choose the right size chair. A hard shell seat should reach to the bump in your neck.

By sitting down and testing you will quickly find out what suits you best.

Which bike is best?

We only sell fine bicycles, one of which is best for you.

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Tips after purchase

You received a manual, which is full of tips, but just after purchase the following are especially important:

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes will brake even better after they have been initiated. This means that you make good speed, then slow down (keep rolling) and accelerate again so that the brakes get hot. repeat, repeat re… At some point the bicycle will suddenly stop even faster. Then you are ready.

Handling your battery


A battery contains the “fuel” to run your e-bike. Just like a petrol tank with a car. And with similar dangers. A battery can catch fire. This does not just happen, but be aware, because when it happens, it burns very brightly. That means:

  • don’t charge it unattended. So not at night. Not next to flammable items;
  • only use the corresponding charger;
  • it will not happen quickly, but the risk increases if the battery has been submerged or dropped;

The battery needs 3 learning cycles to increase its lifespan. This means that you can enjoy cycling until the battery is almost empty (but not completely!) Only then recharge, but then also fully charge. Repeat this three times. Every six months almost ride it empty and fully load again. This way the battery learns how big it is (this also applies to the battery in your phone)