Which recumbent?

That depends, among other things, on your purpose of use. I will explaine some known usage groups below:

Leisure bike:

Comfort is the most important, nice touring and that for short or very long rides. There is certainly room for luggage.

Examples with 2 wheels: HP Streetmachine, Azub Six
Examples with 3 wheels: ICE Adventure, HP Scorpion FX

Commuting bicycle:

Speed ​​is important, but it also has to be practical. So low but not super low, and space for mudguards and a carrier.

Examples with 2 wheels: HP Speedmachine, Azub Max
Examples with 3 wheels: ICE Sprint, HP Scorpion and Scorpion FS, The Quest from Velomobiel.nl, DF from Intercitybike.nl

foldable are the HP Grasshopper and most trikes.


Speed ​​is the ultimate goal

Examples with 2 wheels: Challenge Champsin, Azub 700
Examples with 3 wheels: ICE VTX, De Quest from Velomobiel.nl, DF from Intercitybike.nl


Stability; all our 3-wheel recumbents are stable.

Easy to get on and off;  higher bikes with 3 wheels such as the Hase Kettwiesel and Lepus, but also the HP Scorpion plus. Or the ICE Adventure HD with seatriser. Hase with the two wheels behind usually gets on the easiest.

If adjustments are needed to the pedals, one hand control, etc. That can be done with any brand, but Hase and HP are most involved. We we help you decide what is necessary or useful in your case.


All bicycles can be equipped with an electric motor. The manufacturers HP, Hase and ICE offer a Shimano Steps motor. We also build in  hub engines.

Off road

Two-wheel recumbents have quite a lot of pressure on the front wheel and are therefore less useful in loose terrain. As soon as the front wheel digs in, it is almost impossible to keep it upright.

But with 3 wheels it is a different story. If the path is wide enough you can enjoy a nice cross downhill. For climbing with force on a trike with two wheels in the back a differential is needed to keep the trike from jumping sideways.

Examples with 3 wheels: Hp Scorpion FS enduro and Hase Kettwiesel Cross and of course the ICE Full Fat and the AZUB Fat.

Examples are chosen from the models we sell and do not exclude that others may also be suitable.

Come by for advice

In an advisory meeting we ask the following questions, among other things, in order to find the most suitable bicycle for you:

  • Are you thinking of a bicycle with two or three wheels?
  • How many km do you ride per trip?
  • Do you ride only in good weather or all year round?
  • Is speed important or do you just prefer comfort?
  • Where are you going to cycle? Are you going into the hills or mountains?
  • Is easy boarding important?
  • Should there be room for a lot of luggage?
  • Do you also want electrical support?
  • Do you have time for a test ride?