Which recumbent?

Recumbent routes

We have several beautiful routes that you can cycle, starting from the shop. It is beautiful cycling here. The routes are in our GPS, which we put on the recumbent for free if you rent a bicycle.

Only our routes are allowed. There are quite a few unpaved roads around here on which we would rather not see our beautiful new bikes. As soon as the bike is yours, you can, of course, choose it.

Many routes are internationally oriented. The length varies from 20 to about 50 km. And there is always a nice stop on the way where you can order something tasty.


Cycling Routes, Tour And PackagedealCycling Routes, Tour And Packagedeal

Our recumbent day

In the spring we organize a joint tour. We meet at the store. You can use your own bi-/tri-cycle or rent one from us. That day costs only half of the normal rent. By cycling together, you hear about the experiences of the other participants.

Depending on who is participating, the length of the route is determined.

Mark always provides something to eat in the store and on the go.

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Cycling Routes, Tour And Packagedeal