Why ride a recumbent?


Cycling gives you freedom, you are also helping your health and it takes you into the fresh air.

Unfortunately, there can be all kinds of reasons why cycling is more difficult or no longer possible. But recumbent bikes can often offer a solution.


The seat of a recumbent bicycle.

A recumbent seat is in itselve much more comfortable than a saddle. A hardshell seat gives you extra support. This is very useful when you have back problems, for example. By reclining and sitting on a larger seat  women with pelvic instability may often again be happy cyclists.

By leaning back you do no longer lean on your arms, a great advantage if you suffer from pain in the shoulders, elbows or wrists.

Because you can sit well supported, relaxed, you have more power left over for propelling yourselve. Or even choose the support of an electric motor, and make those beautiful trips again. So loss of energy or strength does not have to keep you at home anymore.


The stability of a trike ensures that you no longer have to worry about falling. Nowadays we hear more often that older people who choose an e-bike did fall, it may be wise to try an electrically assisted trike before you fall and be injured.
This stability also offers opportunities to people who have to deal with limb failure.

Special adjustments

There are all kinds of special pedals that provide support.


In addition, a whole range of adjustments is possible. Think of one-hand operation, headrest, armrest, stick holder, even steering with the shoulders or manual drive is possible.

A comfortable tandem or a duo bike (cozy side by side) can be a help whentraffic safety is a problem. This can also be done by using a trike as a trailer.

Both Hase, van Raam and HP Velotechnik offer an extensive program of adjustments for the bicycle.

Before he came to work in the store, Martijn was a physiotherapist and can give you excellent advice.
Mark is also a bicycle builder, so that he can make special parts in the workshop if necessary.

Recumbent cycling does require an open attitude to a bicycle that is different than usual. However, a recumbent is often much less seen as a  bicycle for the disabled as a high upright sitting tricycle. (And at least it rides a lot nicer!) Experiencing how it is on trike is often an eye opener and makes this solution quite acceptable. We therefore also offer the option of test sitting and test driving.
And if you’re considering a scooter, do not forget to consider an electrically assisted trike. They both offer the possibility of outdoor movement, but only the trike offers the possibility of activity that is so good for body and mind.

We regularly hear:

“How nice that I can go out again myself.”


“I should have known this earlier”

And then we see a big smile on their face.



There are also cool recumbents for children to go out (again).

Children who can barely walk alone, experience the wind in their hair, the tickling in their stomach when accelerating. Fun, pride and self-confidence through (self) cycling

These tricycles have a low center of gravity, so you can climb and cycle on them without wobbling. And they also look cool.

With custom pedals, hooks and straps and calf supports, if desired to support the legs. Seat belts to keep from falling out.

Like the HP Gekko FXS

Like the HP Gekko FXS

With two wheels at the front so you can see if you can go anywhere. For children from 1.15 to 1.80m! So growing out of it won’t happen anytime soon..


Or the Hase Trix

With two shielded rear wheels. These give a small turning circle. Another advantage is an easy entry.

With high-quality disc brakes, special child brake levers and many other options, such as hydraulic coaster brake and one-handed operation.

For children from 1.25 to 1.90m, Let them try to grow out of it!


and the Hase Trets.

On this trike children can cycle independently, but there is also a push bar with brake available, so that you as a parent can keep control if necessary. And you can hang it as a trailer behind the adult bicycle.

For children from 1.00 to 1.50m