Which recumbent?

To make a good choice, it is important to do a test. You can read a lot, but what suits you best is best experienced by riding.
All bicycles in the store are rentals. You can see which ones we have at the moment in the recumbent selector.

Bring a driver’s license or ID. We recommend making an appointment so we can take the time for you.
If you already know which bike you want to try, let us know in advance and it will be ready for you.

A short test ride

(10 minutes) where we don’t have to much work is free *.
* Unless you don’t plan to buy a bicycle. Then it costs 20 euros.

A longer test ride

If you want to try a bicycle longer, you can also:
Rental from half an hour to a day, costs:

Two wheel, rental bike
Two-wheeler, (almost) new
Trike with electric drive
Pino Electric tandem

€ 30
€ 40
€ 40
€ 61
€ 75


From 3 days rent: 15%
From 6 days rent: 30%
From 20 days rent: 50%

This allows you to test whether the bicycle will be satisfactory on your own route.


After rental you will receive a voucher from us. This gives you a discount on the purchase of a bicycle. (purchase within 4 months; max 120, -) So you can feel free to try it out.

If you want to try a two-wheeled recumbent bike and you do not have any experience yet, read the Instruction for riding a recumbent bike.

You need to learn to keep your balance while lying on your back. We help you with this and almost everyone succeeds.

Afraid to get lost?

You don’t have to, you get a GPS with a nice local route.

Trying OutTrying Out 

Gift tip!

Give someone an experience: Recumbent ride gift voucher, fun, sporty, and original!