Why would you ride a recumbent?

I am looking for more comfort

On a standard bicycle you might be cycling around nicely, but when the trip gets a little longer you might get pain in your buttocks, your wrists hurt or it starts to tingle in your fingers.

It is not necessary!

A recumbent has a real seat, so forget about those sitting complaints that you experience on a saddle. Just choose the right chair.

There are chairs with a mesh seat, these fit most people, they are airy and comfortable.

Or choose a hardshell seat that gives more support. They come in different sizes, depending on the length of your back. The bump in your neck should come out at the top of the chair. Try them out as they sometimes also vary in width. These chairs should come with a cushion that is very open in structure so that your back can still ventilate. For example from Ventisit.


Sitting posture

By leaning back, you relieve your back and buttocks, and you no longer have to lean on your hands. Your arms are grateful for that, because our arms are no longer made to lean on.


For the recumbents with two wheels there are different types of handlebars that you can choose from: Over seat steering: you can hang your arms from the handlebars that is right in front of you while riding, but can often be folded forward for easier boarding. An over-the-knee handlebar is also possible, which is most similar to a large regular handlebar, you have good grip on the bike and it rotates around your knees. Or choose an under the seat steering: Let your hands rest ergonomicly at the hight of your hips on the handlebar that rotates under the seat.

Most trikes are equipped with practical and comfortable under the seat steering.



Also very comfortable is the stability of a tricycle (also called a trike). This means that balancing is not necessary, and certainly in the long run balancing on a two-wheel-bicycle still costs quite some energy.

And triking is a lot of fun. Especially when cornering. It feels very playful and fast and is therefore not only intended for people with disabilities. It is also very suitable for long roadtrips; if necessary you can go up the mountain very slowly without falling over, so you don’t have to get off and pushyour trike. And when you get off, your bike will never fall over.

Even more comfort

Do you want the comfort of an e-bike? All recumbents can be equipped with an electric motor.

Suspension is also an option on two or three wheels bicycles. Your ride will feel like a trip on a floating carpet.