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Hase Pino tandem

  • New model in 2021
  • lie in front, sit behind
  • bicycle can be shortened to fit behind a car.
  • for 1 or 2 riders
  • both unobstructed views
  • easy to talk to each other
Parent and child
  • child in front of you
  • co-pilot can sleep safely in optional seat belts
Duo bike
  • front seat also suitable for adults up to 2m
  • rider in front can keep his feet still, but an optional lock is available
Transport bicycle
  • A luggage box / bag can also be easily attached to the front seat.
  • There is also a luggage rack and bag possible under the front driver.
  • So you have a two-wheeled cargo bike in which you can transport a lot.
  • Also an option is; take your child to school. And then on the way back, unfold luggage bag and do a lot of shopping.

Sitgo ‘walkingbike’

  • electric walking bike 25 km / h max.
  • minimum rider age 16 years
  • blue scooter license plate (insurance incl.) mandatory in the Netherlands.
  • very low and spacious entry
  • suspension seatpost
  • automatic lighting
  • runs very smoothly when the engine is off
  • 5 support modes available
  • Motor, van Beijck 306 W / h
  • 24 "front, 24" rear wheel
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Sitgo loopfiets

  • elektrische loopfiets 25 km/h max.
  • minimum leeftijd berijder 16 jaar
  • blauw scootmobielplaatje (verzekering w.a.) verplicht.
  • zeer lage en ruime instap
  • verende zadelpen
  • automatische verlichting
  • loopt heel licht als de motor uit is
  • 5 ondersteunings-standen beschikbaar
  • Motor, van Beijck 306 W/h
  • 24" voor, 24" achterwiel
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