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HP Scorpion FS 20 -hands-on- Neodrive Z20

  • New model from HP Velotechnik
  • Hand driven trike.
  • fast comfortable tricycle
  • With the strong Neodrives Z20 motor you can easily get up to speed.
  • With matching battery: 576 W?H
  • Shifting with Shimano XT 10 speed
  • complete with fenders and luggage carrier, IQ-XS light, frame lock and mirror
  • very comfortable with front and rear suspension
  • little air resistance due to low seat
  • stable in slippery conditions, snow is fun.
  • sporty driving with 2 front wheels
  • 20 "front, 20" rear wheel
  • Several HP seats fit on this bike. Such as the body link, the ergomesh and the premium ergomesh chair. The last two come in multiple sizes. We usually have them in stock.
  • The price is calculated with a Premium Mesh seat.

Hase Trix

  • very high stability
  • for children and small adults
  • possibility of independent cycling
  • but can also be used as a trailer bike
  • grows into adulthood
  • It's cool and flashy
  • With:
  • comfortable seat, Vario Comfort
  • Fenders
  • light
  • mirror
  • frame lock with cable

HP Gekko FX 26

  • ideal bike for leisure, tours and holidays
  • stable trike, good balance
  • sporty riding, sharp steering with 2 front wheels
  • double braking power, 2 front disc brakes
  • can be folded very quickly, within 10 seconds (provided you have a strong back, otherwise you need a blanket and a little more time)
  • fits easily in the back of a car
  • can be stored folded in small space
  • suitable for riders of 160 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel

Azub Max 26

  • robust bike for all continents.
  • This bike is at home on dirt roads.
  • sporty with a relatively high crank set.
  • good suspension
  • quality parts
  • 26 inch, mountain bike wheels. Please note:  you need long legs to fit on it, assume a minimum height of approx. 170 cm.
  • With:
  • 3 x 9 derailleur gear
  • top handlebar.
  • Large seat with comfortable Ventisit cushion that offers some ventilation behind your back.
  • Schwalbe marathon plus tyres
  • Mudguards
  • Luggage carrier
  • Stand
  • Lighting