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HP Delta Tx

  • New model from HP Velotechnik. We have ordered several and expect to have them in store in March.
  • An HP with 1 wheel at the front, two at the back. The delta shape.
  • easy to get on, small turning circle
  • comfortable tricycle
  • the steering wheel is in front of you.
  • With the Bafang M300 motor you can easily get up to speed.
  • With matching battery: 450 W/h
  • There is no need to shift gears, the automatic transmission does that for you.
  • complete with mudguards and luggage rack, IQ-XS light,
  • parking brake, headrest, frame lock and mirror
  • very comfortable with rear suspension
  • HP says it can easily be divided into three parts. But we think you need several hands for that.
  • 20" front, 20" rear wheel
  • Several HP chairs fit on this bike. Such as the body link, the ergomesh and the premium ergomesh seat. The last two come in multiple sizes. We usually have them in stock.
  • The price is calculated with an ergomesh chair.

HP Scorpion 2

  • Expected around 15 march
  • Than we will make new pictures.
  • Racing bike built for speed
  • little air resistance due to low construction
  • stable in slippery conditions, snow is fun.
  • excellent handling, kart feeling
  • sporty driving with 2 front wheels
  • a lot of braking power due to disc brakes on both front wheels
  • Price calculated with ergomesh XL chair. But you can also try out/choose another one. We usually have them in stock.
  • Includes tryker tires, mirror, pannier rack, mudguards, lights, frame lock with chain and a parking brake
  • suitable for riders of approx. 160 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel