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HP Delta Tx

  • New model from HP Velotechnik. We have ordered several and expect to have them in store in March.
  • An HP with 1 wheel at the front, two at the back. The delta shape.
  • easy to get on, small turning circle
  • comfortable tricycle
  • the steering wheel is in front of you.
  • With the Bafang M300 motor you can easily get up to speed.
  • With matching battery: 450 W/h
  • There is no need to shift gears, the automatic transmission does that for you.
  • complete with mudguards and luggage rack, IQ-XS light,
  • parking brake, headrest, frame lock and mirror
  • very comfortable with rear suspension
  • HP says it can easily be divided into three parts. But we think you need several hands for that.
  • 20" front, 20" rear wheel
  • Several HP chairs fit on this bike. Such as the body link, the ergomesh and the premium ergomesh seat. The last two come in multiple sizes. We usually have them in stock.
  • The price is calculated with an ergomesh chair.

Hase Handbike

  • very practical tour trike
  • easy transfer from wheelchair
  • electric auxiliary engine possible
  • angled rear wheels make bicycle very stable
  • With differential for optimal traction
  • Therefore also drive on the rear wheels

Azub Twin Tandem

  • lovely riding together
  • foldable, the video on the Azub site shows how.
  • folded size min: 130x56x38 cm, the wheels, chairs and any accessories are loose.
  • Suitable for small and large people from 145 - 210 cm
  • Handy seat adjustment system from Azub, makes it possible to reach your ideal seat.
  • Technical data:
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel
  • seat height: 67 and 55 cm
  • bottom bracket height: 69 and 49 cm
  • length 303 cm
  • weight: approx. 30 kg
  • max load capacity 250 kg

Hase Pino tandem

  • New model in 2021
  • lie in front, sit behind
  • bicycle can be shortened to fit behind a car.
  • for 1 or 2 riders
  • both unobstructed views
  • easy to talk to each other
Parent and child
  • child in front of you
  • co-pilot can sleep safely in optional seat belts
Duo bike
  • front seat also suitable for adults up to 2m
  • rider in front can keep his feet still, but an optional lock is available
Transport bicycle
  • A luggage box / bag can also be easily attached to the front seat.
  • There is also a luggage rack and bag possible under the front driver.
  • So you have a two-wheeled cargo bike in which you can transport a lot.
  • Also an option is; take your child to school. And then on the way back, unfold luggage bag and do a lot of shopping.

HP Delta tx

  • New model from HP Velotechnik in 2024
  • Delta shape with one wheel in the front, two in the back.
  • therefor a small turning circle
  • comfortable tricycle
  • With e-motor
  • very comfortable with rear suspension
  • 20 "front, 20" rear wheels
  • Several HP seats fit on this bike. Such as the body link, the ergomesh and the premium ergomesh chair. The last two come in multiple sizes. We usually have them in stock to testsit
  • Choose your parts in the configurator.

HP Scorpion FX 20

  • ideal bike for commuting, tours and holidays
  • compact stable trike, good balance
  • sporty driving, sharp steering with 2 front wheels
  • double braking power, 2 front disc brakes
  • can be folded very quickly, within 10 seconds (by handy people with a firm back!); then you can roll it along on built-in inline wheels
  • front wheels can be disassembled with Allen key
  • fits easily in the back of a car
  • can be stored folded in small space
  • suitable for riders of 157 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 20" rear


  • A real racing bike
  • Hard and very low to the ground.
  • This bike would like to take off without you
  • 20 inch front wheels
  • 28 inch rear wheel
  • for riders from approx. 145 to 195 cm


HP Scorpion Enduro

  • comfortable tricycle that likes to go off the beaten track. And preferably downhill!
  • cool looks!
  • very comfortable with front and rear suspension
  • little air resistance due to low construction
  • stable in slippery conditions, snow is fun.
  • sporty driving with 2 front wheels
  • can be folded very quickly without tools, can be carried in the back of the car
  • front wheels can be removed with Allen key


HP Scorpion Plus 20 and 26

  • stable, comfortable trike for touring
  • high seating position makes getting on and off easy and gives a good overview in traffic
  • can be folded very quickly without tools, can be carried in the back of the car
  • front wheels can be removed with Allen key
  • Very suitable to adapt for people with a disability / disability

Hase Lepus

  • comfortable, stable bike for those who want to stay mobile
  • very easy boarding possible due to extra small front wheel and height-
  • adjustable seat
  • luggage space enough for large shopping bags
  • adjustable seat angle and handlebar
  • good overview in traffic due to high seating position
  • easily foldable, fits in the back of a car
  • It is available with and without E-Motor
  • Due to Hase's construction choices regarding the suspension, play sometimes develops too quickly on the rear wishbones. If this is not noticed in time, repairs are time-consuming and expensive. . That is why we have decided to no longer order this model with suspension for you.
  • In the configurator this means that you choose 'custom' and then select 'frame without suspension' under 'rear shock'. You can choose the Vario Comfort Seatcover, which is a thick cushion that provides a lot of comfort. We refer you to our colleague stores if you want to purchase this model with suspension

ICE Full Fat

Cool trike with large wheels. 26 inch with very wide tires. Sand or snow? Bring it on!

Azub Ti-Fly X

  • Cool bike
  • 3 large wheels (26 inch) with narrow or wide tires (max. 76 mm or 3 ")
  • off road on 3 big wheels!
  • foldable
  • technical data:
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 210 cm
  • seat height: 39 - 43 cm
  • bottom bracket height: 48 - 55 cm
  • width 91 cm
  • max tyrewidth 60 mm
  • max load capacity 110 kg