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HP Scorpion FX 20 Pinion

6.085,00 5.975,00
  • ideal bike for commuting, tours and holidays
  • compact stable trike, good balance
  • sporty driving, sharp steering with 2 front wheels
  • double braking power, 2 front disc brakes
  • can be folded very quickly, within 10 seconds (by handy people with a firm back); then you can roll it along on built-in inline wheels
  • front wheels can be disassembled with Allen key
  • fits easily in the back of a car
  • can be stored folded in small space
  • suitable for riders of 157 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 20" rear
  • 600% gear range with the Pinion, Pinion is a gearbox in the crankshaft
new, in stock  

Azub Ti-Fly X

  • Cool bike
  • 3 large wheels (26 inch) with narrow or wide tires (max. 76 mm or 3 ")
  • off road on 3 big wheels!
  • foldable
  • technical data:
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 210 cm
  • seat height: 39 - 43 cm
  • bottom bracket height: 48 - 55 cm
  • width 91 cm
  • max tyrewidth 60 mm
  • max load capacity 110 kg

HP Scorpion FS 26 Silver

  • The picture's about right. We don't have the trike yet.
  • fast trike
  • very comfortable with front and rear suspension
  • little air resistance due to low seat
  • stable in slippery conditions, snow is fun.
  • sporty driving with 2 front wheels
  • very quickly foldable without tools
  • can be taken in the back of the car
  • front wheels can be removed with Allen key
  • complete with mudguards and luggage rack
  • suitable for riders of approx. 162 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel
  • expected to arrive August 2021

ICE Full Fat, custom

In the snow or on the beach; just play Count on a lot of attention for this cool trike with three gigantic wheels. only 26 inches but nice and wide.

HP Scorpion Plus 20 and 26

  • stable, comfortable trike for touring
  • high seating position makes getting on and off easy and gives a good overview in traffic
  • can be folded very quickly without tools, can be carried in the back of the car
  • front wheels can be removed with Allen key
  • Very suitable to adapt for people with a disability / disability

ICE sprint X tour

  • very fast long distance trike
  • low seat, kart feeling
  • foldable, fits in the back of small car
  • suitable for 145 - 200 cm
  • 20 "front, 26" rear wheel
new, in stock Also possible: € 150 per month, Full Private Bovag Lease incl. Maintenance and insurance, duration 3 years

Azub Ti-Fly 20 and 26

  • with partial grade 5 aerospace titanium (Ti-6Al-4V)
  • front suspension frame.
  • foldable
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 210 cm
  • Front wheels 20 inch
  • Ti Fly 26 has a 26 inch rear wheel that rolls better
  • Ti Fly 20 has a 20 inch rear wheel that is stronger and has a slightly smaller turning circle
  • technical data:
  • seat height: 26 - 29 cm
  • bottom bracket height: 44 - 49 cm
  • width 83.5 cm
  • max tyre width 60 mm
  • max load capacity 125 kg

Hase Pino tandem

  • New model in 2021
  • lie in front, sit behind
  • bicycle can be shortened to fit behind a car.
  • for 1 or 2 riders
  • both unobstructed views
  • easy to talk to each other
Parent and child
  • child in front of you
  • co-pilot can sleep safely in optional seat belts
Duo bike
  • front seat also suitable for adults up to 2m
  • rider in front can keep his feet still, but an optional lock is available
Transport bicycle
  • A luggage box / bag can also be easily attached to the front seat.
  • There is also a luggage rack and bag possible under the front driver.
  • So you have a two-wheeled cargo bike in which you can transport a lot.
  • Also an option is; take your child to school. And then on the way back, unfold luggage bag and do a lot of shopping.

Hase Pino tandem 2020

  • Dit is het oudere model, er is ook een 2021 model.
  • voor liggen, achter zitten
  • fiets is deelbaar, het 2021 model is inschuifbaar
  • voor 1 of 2 rijders
  • allebei vrij uitzicht
  • makkelijk praten

Ouder en kind

  • voorop kind of volwassene
  • voor heel korte tot lange benen.
  • co-piloot kan veilig slapen in optionele gordels
  • prijs exclusief gordels

Duo fiets

  • voorste stoel ook geschikt voor volwassenen tot 2m
  • voorste rijder kan de voeten stil houden, maar optioneel is een vrijloopblokkering te verkrijgen

Transport fiets

  • Aan de voorste stoel kan ook heel simpel een bagagebak/tas vastgemaakt worden.
  • Er is ook een bagagerek en tas mogelijk onder de voorrijder.
  • Zo heb je een tweewielige bakfiets waarin je veel kunt vervoeren.
  • Ook een optie is; je kind naar school brengen. En dan op de terugweg, bagagetas uitvouwen en veel boodschappen doen.