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Hase Trigo

  • Easy length and height adjustment
  • very practical tour trike
  • easy boarding due to high chair
  • electric auxiliary engine possible
  • width 83 cm
  • strong 20 inch wheels at the front and rear
  • for riders 140-200 cm long

Hp Spirit

  • good, manoeuvrable city bike
  • light bike, fast in city traffic
  • easy bike for novice recumbent cyclists
  • easily adjustable seat
  • suitable for riders of 150 - 200 cm

20 "front, 20" rear wheel
new, in stock

‘walkingbike’ Rolling Dutchman

  • Very luxurious walk bicycle
  • Big help when you have problems with energy, or problems with your legs.
  • Be self sufficient and stand tall.
  • Also suitable for tight spaces, turning between the shelves in the store is possible thanks to the steering rear wheel.
  • Steering also with saddle, a big advantage with limitations in the arms.
  • seat post is height adjustable with a lever. Handy if you want to go up a sidewalk.
  • Suitable for people with medium to long legs.
  • small wheels
  • Fits behind the front seats in the car.
  • It is a walking aid, so you can take it on the bus and train for free.
little used, in stock