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Hase Trigo

  • Easy length and height adjustment
  • very practical tour trike
  • easy boarding due to high chair
  • electric auxiliary engine possible
  • width 83 cm
  • strong 20 inch wheels at the front and rear
  • for riders 140-200 cm long
  • with fenders, lights and basket
  • expected to arrive in the beginning of august 2021

Hase Trets

  • very high stability
  • ideal for children with spasticity and muscle control problems
  • possibility of independent cycling
  • but you can also take over control if necessary using. a push rod.
  • can also be used as a trailer bike
  • Many accessories and aids such as crank shorteners, special pedals, stick holders, etc. are available
  • max load : 100 kilos wyhen ridden solo
  • and 80 kilos when used as a trailer

HP Gekko 26

  • ideal bike for commuting, tours and holidays
  • stable trike, good balance
  • sporty driving, sharp steering with 2 front wheels
  • double braking power, 2 front disc brakes
  • smooth handling due to large rear wheel