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Unique tandems by ACE Recumbents


It is also possible to make the tandem seperable. And it is even possible to make a separate rearbridge so that the tandem can be a solo bike too. Seating position back-to-back (b.t.b.) means that you can talk just fine while riding, and you always have control over traffic (wide 360° view ). The luggage possibilities are endless.

You cannot make a test ride on a recumbent tandem b.t.b. at ACE. At the moment we heve no tandem available. The possibilities and prices are open to discussion. So far there are no 2 tandems built exactly the same, but most have at least rear suspension and the front person is sitting slightly higher. That way the driver has perfect control.

Price indication: the starting price is € 5500.-
Delivery time: not exactly to predict, I will build in wintertime only.
Before the tandem gets its colour, you are invited to ride it. Then additions/changes are still easy to implement.
High quality parts.
TIG welded steel frame, made in Winterswijk.

Some pictures to illustrate

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