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News, last update 12th November 2020

The delivery times of new recumbents and trikes are now several months. ACE ordered extra trikes. If you are sure that you want to ride one in 2021, reserve it now. The situation is imaginable that in the course of season 2021 all are spoken for.

Trikes with a motor is back in stock, please call if one is free before you come to us.

All trikes with a motor are sold. Early october 2020 we expect new ones to arrive.
Neodrive arrived in a HP Scorpion Plus, you can try it.

From now on, ACE offers the service to pick up your recumbent or trike from your home. It will be serviced in our workshop and then we bring it back. With this we try to relieve you as much as possible and keep you mobile. You no longer need to travel to us during this Corona crisis. Conditions are that it must be feasible (Milan is too far) and that it is still allowed to work like this (during a mandatory store closure, for example). (We do not offer home repairs. We do not have a mobile workshop and it is very bad for the back.) There are additional costs, 1.20 per kilometer driven for you (car and driver).
ACE would like to try to keep this service for you, even when Corona is away, as long as the team can handle the extra load.
For new customers it is possible to discuss a home fit for the model of his/her choice.
Should you wish to make use of this service(s), please call 0031-543-530905 to arrange an exact date and time.

5 April 2020 there will be no tour due to the Corona virus. ACE is closed on that sunday.

Hase will raise the prices at 1-1-2020. If you decide before 1-1-20 you may save hundreds of euros

14 April 2019 ACE plans a tour in Winterswijk. ACE is open at 11.30, and the tour starts at 12.00 or a bit later. All can join, and the rental price is reduced by 50% only this day. If you want to rent a recumbent please call 0031543530905 During the tour ACE is closed. The length and speed is depending on the weather and the participants. Normally it is about 30 km, takes 2-4 hours depending on relax time.

On 1 till 3 march 2019 ACE is on the Fiets and Wandelbeurs in Utrecht. You can ride trikes from HP, HAse and Azub there. Welcome on the Ligfietsplein

Hase has a new budget model, the Trigo. It has no suspension and cannot fold. But adjusting it is easy. Price from 2000 euro. ACE has ordered it with under seat steering, and one with upper seat steering. In store end of November.

HP Velotechnik introduces the Pinion gearbox. It is available now in the 12 speed version. Older HP recumbents can be adapted with it, costs euro 1890.- for the materials. ACE has a Scorpion FX with Pinion available for testing end of November.

Shimano STEPS is available on ICE trikes, see their configurator. Also for HP Velotechnik customers who have already an HP recumbent STEPS is possible, but it can only be done in their facility in Kriftel near Frankfurt, Germany.

Shimano STEPS is a fine middle engine that will provide extra power.
We have it on 2 trikes now
The HP Velotechnik Scorpion Plus 26 STEPS and the Hase Kettwiesel EVO STEPS.
Both trikes are foldable and have full suspension.
And they have the automatik shifting system Alfine 8 speed hub with Di2.