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ACE Recumbent Tour West 39 Km

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Catering facilities and picnic areas en route

Picnic area. At km 8.5 on the left hand side.
Beautiful picnic area and info "Vragenderveen". km 10.7
Beautiful picnic area. After km 12.8
Several catering facilities in in Vragender at km 14.3. "Beneman" is recommended, but closed on Tuesdays.
Picnic area. After km 14.3
Outdoor Café "De Domme Aanleg". At km 17.3. Also closed on Tuesdays.
Several catering facilities in Bredevoort. Recommended is "Bertram" at km 28.4 op 't Zand. Open the whole week.
Picnic area. At km 33.4
Café-Restaurant "De Woord". At km 33.8 in Corle.

Safety tip

Parts of the dirt roads can be sandy or muddy. It is better to dismount than to crash.

km. (= kilometers covered)
0 At ACE Recumbents, your back to the store, left, towards center.
0.2 At priority road left (Dingstraat).
1.2 At 5-way intersection go straight (Gasthuisstraat, turns into Haitsma Mulierweg).
1.8 After house number 32 left (Morgenzonweg)
2.4 At crossing with priority road go straight (continue Morgenzonweg)
2.8 At house number 150 bike path diagonally right. This is the former railroad Winterswijk-Borculo.
4.2 At crossing with brick road at sign "Rommelgebergte" left. This is the Meekertweg.
5.2 At fork left across railway, after that left on bike path (Korenburgerveenweg).
7.0 At house numbers 8 and 10 left (Veenhuisweg).
7.4 At crossing with sand tracks right, becomes clincker brick road. After end of bike path keep left, along the farms.
8.5 At priority road right (Arfgoodroute Achterhoek). At this point there is a picnic area on your left hand side.
9.2 At crossing right (Maneschijnweg) (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
10.7 Beautiful picnic area and info about the Vragenderveen. Have a look, definitly worth a visit.
11.0 At crossing with bitumen road right (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
11.3 Left, towards Vragender-Lichtenvoorde. (Steenkampweg) (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
11.9 Right (Lankveldweg) (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
12.5 At crossing left (Oorschotweg) (Erfgoed route Ahterhoek).
12.8 Before corner left (bike path) (Erfgoed route Achterhoek). Nice picnic area next to the bike path.
13.5 End of path right.
13.6 End of road left (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
13.7 At priority road right. You are in Vragender. Here you will find several catering facilities, recommended is café-restaurant "Beneman" diagonally opposite the church. Closed on Tuesdays.
14.3 At crossing near church left, towards Aalten-Bredevoort (Heelweg). After 400 meter on the left hand side a beautiful picnic area.
15.3 At crossing with priority road go straight, towards Aalten-Bredevoort (Heelweg).
16.4 At farm with cow on old electricity pylon go straight. (Vragenderweg)
17.3 At crossing turn right to Barlo, cross priority road and in corner at café "De Domme Aanleg" second road right (Nijhofsweg).
Note. You can shorten the route 8 kilometes if you go straight on the crossing to Aalten-Bredevoort, indicated in red on road sign. Continue the route afterwards at km 28.1
19.6 So you went into the Nijhofsweg. At crossing with priority road (Stop) left to Aalten.
20.2 Left to Aalten (Barloseweg) (Zone 60).
21.5 Right to Dale ('t Villeken) keep following windy bitumen road.
22.6 At "einde Zone 60" on crossing with priority road go left.
23.0 Left (Welinkweg) (Zone 60).
24.3 At crossing go straight (Hofstedeweg).
25.2 At crossing go straight (Batenweg).
25.5 At crossing go straight (end of pavement after 250 meters) (Aalten route).
26.2 End of road left and cross priority road. Go straight (Schulenkampweg).
26.9 End of road left (Tolhuisweg).
27.5 At fork keep right to Bredevoort.
28.1 100 meters after town sign "Bredevoort" left (Landstraat) (Zone 30).
28.3 Second crossing left, along the church.
28.4 End of road left and immediately right ('t Zand).

In Bredevoort are several catering facilities. Recommended is the medieval café-restaurant "Bertram" right op 't Zand. Excellent kitchen and coffee with great apple pie.

Well, the apple pie or lunch was great, and you did visit "'t huuske", so we can hit the road again.

28.9 Before red-white posts (entrance Slingeplas) left, to L.O. Aalten.
29.1 At crossing with speed ramps go straight (L.O. Aalten) (Pastoorsdijk).
29.5 After S-curve (left-right) on Kloosterdijk right.
30.6 At fork right to Corle (Kloosterdijk).
32.7 At crossing with priority road right, on the bike path.
33.4 On crossing with priority road go straight.
33.8 In Corle go straight to Winterswijk.
37.0 At roundabout cross priority road and turn left to Winterswijk-Groenlo.
37.2 End bike path left (Buurtschappenroute).
37.3 At crossing go straight, along the water tower.
38.3 After railway crossing right (Stationsstraat). Follow main road.
39.1 At Plus supermarket right (Weurden).
39.3 Right at number 60 you are back at ACE Recumbents.

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