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Weurden 60
7101 NL Winterswijk
the Netherlands

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ACE Recumbent Route North 39 km

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In spring, during the breeding season it is worth while to have a look at the seagull colony in the Zwillbrocker Venn. Turn right between km 19.8 and km 20.2 towards Zwillbrocker Venn. Go straight where the paved road tuns into a sand track. A bit down the road is a bird hide with a lot of information about flora and fauna of the area. Afterwards, return to the route.

Catering facilities on route:

Café-restaurant Grenszicht. After km 19.0 just before the border
Café-restaurant Zum Kloppendiek. After km 19.8 just over the border
Café Zur grünen Grenze. After km 29.0. country café with pretty open and covered outdoor café and delicous home made pie.

Safety tip

Parts of the dirt roads can be sandy or muddy. It is better to dismount than to crash.

km. (= kilometers covered)
0 At ACE Recumbents with your back to the store, go left, towards the town center.
0.2 At priority road go left (Dingstraat).
1.2 Go straight at 5-way intersection (Gasthuisstraat, later named Haitsma Mulierweg).
1.8 After house number 32 Left (Morgenzonweg).
2.4 At crossing with priority road straight ahead (still Morgenzonweg).
2.8 At house number 150 cycling path slight right. This is the former railroad Winterswijk-Borculo.
4.2 Right at crossing with brick road.
5.0 Cross the priority road and turn right on parallel road (Groenloseweg).
5.1 Left on bike path (Morskersdriehuisweg).
7.4 After the second brige immediately left on bike path (Garversbultenpad).
9.3 End of cycle path at picnic area to the right.
11.2 After town sign "Meddo" to the left in the direction of Zwolle-Groenlo (van Eerdenweg).
11.4 Left at end of road towards Zwolle-Groenlo. (Geldereschweg).
16.0 After Zwolle and the crossed out town sign "end of Zwolle" turn right (Klaverdijk).
19.0 At priority road to the left. Immediately right towards Zwillbrock-Vreden.
19.8 You pass the border. Follow the bike path. Catering available just before and after the border.
20.2 To your right is a historic baroque church. It is well worth visiting.
21.6 Right (route R1) Vreden (Erfgoed route Achterhoek).
22.1 Keep left at T-junction (Erfgoed route Achterhoek) (Flamingoroute).
23.3 Left in a 90 degree bend. Go straight here on the bike path and go left on the clincker brick road and you will be back at ACE after 9km. Follow the paved road till the main road in Meddo and turn left there. At the roundabout at km 37.4 you are back on route.
28.5 So you turned left in the 90 degree bend. In Gaxel follow the bike path, left of the road.
29.0 After "Schützenhalle Gaxel" to the right (Gaxel 32.33). After 500 meters café "Zur grünen Grenze".
30.5 End of road right.
30.6 End of road left.
31.0 Straight at intersection. Bike route towards Winterswijk. Partly dirt road.
32.1 At intersection at 'mushroom' (small red and white roadsign) 21936/001 go straight (Wandersweg).
33.5 After left corner towards Winterswijk (Poolserweg).
35.1 End of road right (Huppelseweg).
36.2 End of road right (Waliënseweg).
36.3 Cross priority road and left on the bike path towards Winterswijk.
37.4 At roundaboud straight, towards town center (centrum).
38.3 At crossing with priority road go straight. Bike path (service traffic allowed). Keep left at fork.
38.4 Go left at side road (brick road).
38.5 Go right at priority road.
39.1 150 meter after church tower left (Weurden).
39.3 Right hand side at number 60 you are back at ACE Recumbents

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