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Vanraam commuting recumbent suits 100 cm, 140 kg

The Right Length, 100 cm

Tune your recumbent to your length. Move the seat or pedals forward or backward.

Tuning to the right length is important to avoid pain in your knees or Achilles tendon.

  1. Stretch your leg. Your heel should almost touch the pedals.
  2. Fix the nose boom and cogwheels vertically.
  3. Pain in the front of your knee?
    Move the pedals a bit away.
  4. Feel the tendons at the back of your leg?
    Move the pedals closer.
  5. Everything hurts?
    Switch to a lower gear and slowly increase your cycling distances.
Once you are used to your recumbent it is a good idea to start using clipless pedals. They have many advantages. Please visit us and ask us about them.

Select all body lengths when you do not know your exact length yet.

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12 November 2020
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