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Vanraam commuting bike


Stay balanced

  1. Find a quiet spot that gives you sufficient space for meandering.
  2. Squeeze the brakes when sitting down.Or else you will reverse immediately.
  3. Steer to keep your balance.HYour back is fixed to the chair.

    Walk on the bike to practise your balance.

Drive off

  1. Does your recumbent have a 3 gear hub?Shift the left handle to 1 for light and easy take off.
  2. Put 1 pedal on top, at 11 o'clock to get going well.
  3. Release the brake and try to take off.Use the quiet spot for meandering.
  4. Have a tough start?Put your feet down immediately.It is no drama to roll over, but you don't have to.
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10 July 2020
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